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    About us

    Easy Finance Academy Inc. is a global financial education company for minority investors and entrepreneurs. We began our operations in 2020 and have grown due to excellent relationships with our students. We started out small, with just a few students and a few staff members, but today we have several students in multiple countries with many people working for us.

    We strive to change our students’ mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance

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    Where will the masterclass take place and in what format?

    The masterclass will take place live with the Zoom video communication software.
    The instructor will share his screen with the learners and each learner could also share his/her screen.
    The use of the Zoom software will be free of charge to all learners during the training.
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    I would like to participate, but my schedule won't allow it. What are my options?

    We might be flexible with this masterclass schedule. Please, do not hesitate to check with us for accommodation.
    Each session of the masterclass will be recorded so each student can review the recording online with his/her
    username and password and complete the exercises for each section. 
    By enrolling in this course, you also become a member of ''Student club'',
    which is made up of all Easy Finance Academy alumni.
    Why is there a limited number of seats for our live masterclasses?

    We would like to focus on a reasonable number of students and to meet our class' goals, we would like to ensure that everyone receives all the attention and coaching needed to succeed.
    What is your refund policy?

    We value you as our client and we do not expect you to leave. But if you change your mind or are unhappy for any reason with our service, please, let us know if we could anything to keep you as our happy student.
    However, if you really decide to cancel your registration to our training program, Easy Finance Academy will reimburse you the full amount of the course fee paid minus the admin fee paid for the payment. In that case, a written cancellation request must be sent to at least 24 hours before the start
    of the masterclass for which the registration was made.
    After the training, will I receive a list of companies to buy from the trainer?

    Although some publicly traded companies are used as examples during the training, it is
    important to understand that Easy Finance Academy will not give you advice on which stocks should be bought or not. The examples will be used exclusively to facilitate
    Easy Finance Academy Inc. and its affiliates cannot give any guarantee or
    recommandation that the stock market transactions made by its students will be profitable. Furthermore, the Easy Finance Academy team members and its trainers will not, under any circumstances during training sessions or any other activities, give recommendations to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.
    How will my progress be measured?

    Several practical exercises will be completed during and at the end of the training to verify what you have learned.
    Depending on your test results, the trainer may
    reinforce or emphasize certain concepts as needed.
    Will I have to open a real investment account during the training?

    Opening an investment account during the masterclass is not mandatory. If you are not ready to do so, we suggest that you open a practice account.



    I liked my aha moment; it was fun, interacting, relax. My retention for these courses were high because the environment  was right.

    Damar W.

    I really didn't know much about options. So, I am really glad that I took the course. I already made 20%  gain in the first month.

    Miriam N.

    I know now how to access a company, what I need to look for. I am very happy I took the class. 

    Livia F.

    My legacy will be part of your legacy because you're giving me the tools to fish, and I’ll be teaching my children how to fish, and they'll be teaching their children how to fish.

    Keanue F.

    Now, before I purchase something, I know what is the maximum I am willing to lose. I am much more comfortable

    Damar W.

    I learned a lot of things including mindset, patience ... I made $ 10,000 just in a week with an investment of $ 1,600

    Clarisse A.

    Wondering how we can help ? Act now by making a free appointment that may change your life !

    +1 647 868 0745

    P.O. Box 23068, Bowmanville Mall, Bowmanville, ON, L1C 3X0

    Mon - Sun. 10h00 - 21h00

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